Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Bottomed Amie-Rae

Amie-Rae Bloom could not believe what was happening as she lay there across Jud Pierson's lap, her red curly hair hanging in her face, her crop demin pants and lacey red panties down around her ankles. Jud hadn't administered the first slap on her bare bottom yet, but she knew it was coming.
"Jud Pierson, you let me go this instant! I am a grown woman. I will not allow this to happen do you hear me?"
Jud tried to keep the chuckle from his lips as he responded firmly in his deep gravelly voice, "I don't think you have any choice young lady. And if you're such a grown woman, how's about you start behaving like one?!"

Amie was pissed! She thought about kicking Jud's ankle she was so mad, but he was right. She couldn't move and she didn't want to make this any more painful than it needed to be. He had her pinned down. And they were out in the open where anyone who walked by could see them. How embarrassing! Jud had reprimanded her after she had attempted to ride a horse that wasn't broken in, now he was sitting on a tree stump with her helplessly draped over his knee. Maybe she better let him get this over with, so she could cover her poor little bottom up and get on with her day and hope to God that none of the other employees walked by and saw what was happening.
Amie was a petite, attractive 19 year old. She was home from college for the summer and her Daddy had gotten her a job at Jud Pierson's stud farm. She had always loved horses and was excited to take a break from city life and classes. Of course, she would never admit that out loud to anyone. As far as the people in her town knew, she was a city girl at heart and planned to never come back and live in small town Georgia once she graduated from college.
Amie had known Jud forever, he was 10 years her senior and had worked at her Daddy's construction business until 3 years ago, when he had started his own stud farm. Jud's parents had died when he was little and he was raised by his g-ma, who was a wonder at yielding a switch on his own bare bottom whenever he had misbehaved.
Amie's parents had treated Jud like one of their own, often having him to the house for dinner, or once he had moved into his own place, bringing food over to him. Amie's mom was a sweet caring lady, who loved to take care of others.
"My own Daddy has never spanked me Jud Pierson, what makes you think you can get away with it?"
"Pssshhh," Jud shook his head dismissively. "Your Daddy has spanked you plenty little miss Amie Rae. I'm pretty sure I saw you hanging over your daddy's lap outside of church when you were 12 years old, with your skirt pulled up around your waist and your panties around your ankles as you kicked your little legs and begged him to stop. That little ass of yours was as red as your hair. I was running late that day and your Daddy winked at me as I walked by you. Guess you were too busy get your butt tanned to notice." Amie was mortified as Jud continued, "and, don't think I haven't heard your wailing cries and plea's along with the crack of your Daddy's belt on on your bare tush on more than one occasion when I've walked by your Daddy's woodshed. You forget, I grew up around your family, Amie Rae, so don't think you can lie to me, or you'll get more of a spanking than you bargained for, y'hear me?"
Amie rolled her eyes glad that Jud couldn't see her face or she'd be getting more spanks for that too.
"Right young lady, let's get this over with."
Before she knew Jud had lifted his hand and swung it down to meet her bare ass with a loud stinging slap.
"Oh, ouch" she breathed quietly. She was determined not to let him get the best of her.
Four or five more stinging slaps graced her bare bottom in quick succession. She took a sharp breath in, trying not to let tears spring to her eyes.
"This is just your warm up little miss Amie. You better prepare yourself."
"You have no right. Wait until I tell my parents!"
"Oh you go ahead and tell them. I already got permission from your father to put you in your place when you misbehaved. I'm sure he'd love to hear about your dangerous escapades, trying to ride a horse that isn't even broken in. You will just earn yourself a taste of your Daddy's belt at home on top of this spanking. And I will be happy to listen to your punishment over a cocktail with your mother. You could have broken a bone, or ended up in a coma or worse."
Just talking about it made Jud angry and he lifted up his hand and started spanking again.
"You are like a little sister to me," slap. "Do you think I want to bare your bottom and spank you like a naughty little girl?" spank.
"Noooo," Amie cried and squirmed. She was feeling guilty now that she had made Jud worry.
"I have better things to do with my time young lady," Jud continued to scold and smack. "But if this is the only way to make sure you don't pull any dangerous stunts like that" smack "again, then this is what I'll do." Smack, slap, spank. Jud moved his large firm hand from one cheek to the other. He couldn't help but enjoy the rosy glow and the sight of his hand prints on Amie's pert round bottom, although her melancholy moans made him feel a little sorry for her. He shook his head. Nope, he could not let this little flirtatious girl get around him that easily. He continued to spank and let her crying fall on deaf ears.
"Pleaaase Jud!" Amie was wailing now. "I won't do it again," she sniffed.
"Oh, I know you won't" smack, smack, smack, smack smack."Because if you put yourself in danger again, I don't care where we are or who is there, I will pull down your cute little panties to your knees, bare you bottom and take my belt off and apply it to you right there on the spot. Do you understand me young lady?" smack smack smack. "If you think this is bad, you have no idea."
Awweeeeee. Ouch, please Jud! Please. I'm sorry."
"I know baby, I know you are, but we are far from done." Smack smack smack smack.
Amie Rae squealed and cried and bucked on Jud's lap. Jud took his right leg and placed it over her legs. Then he held her hands tightly in the small of her back with one hand and continued to spank with the other.  Amie started to beg through sobs and tears. "Jud please stop. I'll be a good girl, I promise I'll be good. Please."
"You haven't got such a smart mouth now, have you little girl?" Jud felt just a little pride that he had seemed to get through to her. "Well, we're almost done. But you better promise me you won't forget what this feels like, because if I have to take to you with my belt, or a riding crop, you will wish it only hurt as much as it does now."
Jud rained down the last slaps on poor Amie's bright red bottom like the finale at a fireworks display. Amie screamed and cried and wriggled, but couldn't break free from Jud's grasp.  He could feel an erection starting to push against his jeans and he tried to ignore it. But that girl did have one glorious little bottom!
Finally, Jud had applied the last spanks and Amie lay limp across his lap whimpering.
"I'm sorry Jud," she muttered.
"I know honey," Jud said as he rubbed some of the sting out of her red ass. "I hope I don't have to do this again," he said more gently. "But if I have to, I will. Don't you doubt it missy."
"You big meany!" Amie sniffed. Jud playfully slapped her sore butt. "Ouch!" Amie squeaked.
"Less of that sassy mouth too," Jud stood Amie up gave her a hug. She was horrified that all her private parts were on display. Jud reached down and pulled up her panties and jeans. She buttoned her jeans and sniffed and looked up at Jud. He took her chin in his hand and wiped her tears with the other one.
"Now, don't make me do that again," he said, gently kissing her nose. "Because, if I have to do it again, your bottom will be on fire with the sting of the strap, do you understand me? Now, get back to work little miss!"
Amie looked at her shoes. "Yes sir," she answered, knowing full well, she would make him do it again, because something deep inside of her longed to be back over Jud Pierson's knee. She hoped to be back over it often. He had awakened a desire that she had pushed out of her mind for years and she had a feeling and a hope that this was merely the start of a very beautiful relationship.


  1. Maggy, a new resident, is two hours late to arrive. As she waits, the Headmaster runs down her reasons for being at GBS for a full three months – cheating, stealing, shoplifting - all the usual. He has her disrobe and is appalled to find her braless. He leaves and returns with her regulation underwear and uniform. She is to return to him in one hour.
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  2. I like stories about men who spank their girlfriends out of love - and girls who find out they like their menfolk that way.

  3. if i was amie i would have bite him in the leg and punch him.

  4. if i was amie i would have bite him in the leg and punch him.